Vinyl Killers 6: Call for Art

Vinyl Killers 6 – Call For Submissions
Deadline October 8th, 2008

Go here for more info

What: An International show of painted records

When: Opening Party on October 30th, 2008.

Open 5 PM to 2 AM through November.

Where: The Goodfoot, 2845 SE Stark St., Portland, OR

Almost all media is accepted with the exception of collage and sculpture. Markers, stickers, crayon, etc. are all good. Just make sure it is completely dry before shipping.

If you are new to VK take a look around the VK gallery on this site for an idea of the type of work that has been submitted in the past.

There is plenty of time to send stuff here from anywhere in the world. Just don't wait a couple weeks before mailing your entry out or you will hating it when the post office tells you how much it cost to send your package.

"This year Jason from The Goodfoot is taking the lead role with running VK and I will be his helper monkey. Jason has already been doing most of the work for the past couple of years so it’s high time he got the credit for it.

Basically, all the parts that worked well was Jason and all the shitty parts was Klutch. Now things will run even smoother for everyone. Those of you who already know Jason from VK or the poster shows know he runs a tight ship and has a hell of a good time doing it."