Tom Robinson Band: 1978 LP Stencil Insert

The TRB fist logo was designed in early 1977 by Roger Huddle from Rock Against Racism. The concept of the name placed around a fist was "borrowed" from the Gay Liberation Front, while the colour scheme and typeface were suggested by Tom. Roger adapted his fist drawing from a Black Panthers publication, and also used it as a logo for the Socialist Workers Party.

The original LP version of "Power In The Darkness" (1978) in the UK contained a cardboard stencil of the TRB logo with the words: "THIS STENCIL IS NOT MEANT FOR SPRAYING ON PUBLIC PROPERTY".

Click here to view (or right-click to download) a black-on-white PDF file of the logo to print, cut out and spray as required.

Fits on a single sheet of A4 paper or card, slightly smaller than the original album stencil. For the full size version, adjust "page setup" on your computer to print at 150%.