Last Night a VK saved my life

Seeing people get so stoked on the show was a huge boost for my spirits. With all that I do I often become pretty grumpy about shows and all the egos, games, and general crap involved. But last night I realized that people really love the VK shows and that alone is reason to keep pushing on. Seeing all those wet people smiling, laughing, and getting excited about art was an amazing thing to be a part of and I felt lucky to have played a part of that.

My whole deal with VK has always been about providing us with a gathering and community in hopes that it would inspire people and spark something bigger. Last night I saw that has happened and what we have is something greater than just a cool art show. Vinyl Killers has already achieved a positive impact in a myriad of ways. From simply making someone smile for a minute, to giving the artists a reason to explore what they can add to the mix, to showing others that they too can create something cool without money, sponsors, having to impress the right people, or having a "hookup". We have all played a part in building VK to where it is and it belongs to all who want to be involved. Sure the quality is mixed but to me that is part of the charm of VK and for a young artist to be in a show with the "masters" it can be highly motivational for them to keep making art. I have had several people tell me just that and I have watched as they have developed into amazing artists which in turn is inspirational for me.

To make a long story short, "last night a VK saved my life". My sincerest thanks to everyone involved, from the artists and people who came up and thanked me for there being a VK, to the folks who came out and smiled at the art. I certainly have my faith and inspiration renewed and will continue to do all I can to get exposure and create opportunities for us to have fun.

We are probably going to have a closing show at Zeitgeist to give those who weren't brave enough for the weather a second chance to check it all out. The Goodfoot show is open every day, all month long so if you're in Portland during the next few weeks you should stop by to ogle the art, drink a pint, and hone your pinball skills.

Keep taking risks,