Apr 28 : Wooster Collective presents 41st Parallel

On Wednesday April 28th from 7-10pm, Wooster Collective and Drago will present a hot and heavy round table discussion and Q&A session to explore the current happenings in today’s art movement with nine of the top names from the streets of New York: Chris Stain, Elbow-Toe, Ivory Serra, Logan Hicks, Pax Paloscia, Swoon, WK Interact, as well as Drago Publisher Paulo von Vacano and Wooster Collective’s Marc and Sara Schiller at their super chic venue Meet at the Apartment in SoHo.

Ivory Serra (The Serra Effect), Logan Hicks (Arrivals and Departures), Pax Paloscia (Let the Kids Play), and WK Interact (2.5 New York Street Life) all published books for Drago’s 36 Chamber Series box collection. Chris Stain, Elbow-Toe, Swoon, and WK Interact contributed their work to The Thousands: Painting Outside, Breaking In, a book and exhibition curated by RJ Rushmore and published by Drago.

All books from the artists present and a selection of other Drago publications like Ed Templeton’s Golden Age of Neglect, Nick Walker’s, A Sequence of Events, Aaron Rose’s Young Sleek and Full of Hell, and Estevan Oriol’s LA Woman will be on sale and available at special 25% discount exclusively for this awesome evening. The contemporary art publishing house known as Drago acts as a rhizome into the international mindset that is fueled by the ideas and values of the current generation.

As a cultural symposium, Drago creates and presents forums for exchange through various pathways by remixing pop culture and undiscovered trends; those pathways include, not only the publication of art books, but hosting events, sponsoring art projects and collaborations, curating exhibitions, executing press and communication strategies, trend scouting, and promotion via the Drago blog (www.dragolab.com). It is from these creative platforms that Drago contributes to the growth and expansion of the alternative re-evolution that began on the street and over the Internet. Drago represents the mainstream of minorities, where under is over and over is under.

From their home base in Rome, Italy, Drago found a parallel group in New York who maintain the same groin-yearning ardor for art, culture, and the urban experience. Due to the two groups’ equally energetic and eternal lust for participation in and promotion of the arts, Drago sought to collaborate with Wooster Collective and bring some of the great names off the street and in for some page turning, but more for the drinking and debating.

Marc and Sara Schiller founded the Wooster Collective in 2001. Their mission is to discover and document authentic art experiences via salons, publishing, gallery shows, and their website (www.woostercollective.com). Their site is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world.