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Writing's on the wall for graffiti guerrilla

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Writing's on the wall for graffiti guerrilla

Notorious S.F. tagger hit with $20,000 fine

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Carlos Romero left his spray-painted graffiti marks around San Francisco for years, tagging everything from fences and walls to street signs and trash cans with such monikers as CREAM and QUESO (which in Spanish means cheese).

And it wasn't just dairy products he had an affinity for. When police linked Romero to one tag name, city officials said, he would simply switch to another, and in addition to CREAM and QUESO he left…

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James Prigoff and Others at Commonwealth Club 8/16

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Urban Scrawl or Artistic Freedom?

PEX, Street Artist
BEN MORGAN, Director, Quality of Life (Graffiti Film)
MACHAELA M. HOCTOR, Deputy City Attorney, San Francisco City Attorney's Office
MOHAMMED NURU, Chair, San Francisco's Graffiti Advisory Board
JONATHON KEATS, Art and Culture Critic; Visual Arts Critic, San Francisco Magazine - Moderator

From its contemporary origins in the late 1960s, graffiti has spread globally, from the city and boroughs of New York to walls around the world. Some see the proliferation of graffiti as a veritable modern plague, an urban blight that clearly diminishes quality of life. Others would argue that today's graffiti is a historically significant art form, providing a unique means of creative expression to the disenfranchised and marginalized. Are the words of the prophets truly written on subway walls and tenement halls, or is graffiti…

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Scott Williams Receives SFAI's 2005 Adeline Kent Award

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Scott Williams's Main Stencil Archive
Here is Scott's San Francisco Arts Institute's Adeline Kent Award Exhibit Stencil Archive

Scott Williams is an artist who has quietly made an indelible mark on the Bay Area landscape with his highly detailed, public stencil and spray-paint murals, paintings, and objects. Since the early 1980s, Williams's work has primarily taken the form of indoor and outdoor murals in gallery and non-art settings, but…

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Where Wombats Roved, and Aborigines Sketched

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By Jane Perlez, New York Times
Dateline: SYDNEY, Australia

In a cave in rugged wilderness not far from the luxurious country resorts of this city's well-to-do, a leading anthropologist has found an unusually rare and pristine cache of ancient Aboriginal rock art.

In all, 11 layers of images of Australian animals ‚ kangaroos, wombats and monitor lizards, which Australians call goannas ‚  as well as drawings of boomerangs and half-human, half-animal creatures are scattered across the back wall of the cave in a giant mural.

The more than 200 images ‚ in faint reds and yellows, stark white and black ‚ stretch from 4,000 years ago to the late 18th century when white settlers first ventured onto Australian soil, said Paul S. C. Tacon, the chief research scientist in anthropology at the Australian Museum, who visited the site with Aboriginal consultants in May.

"I have been to thousands of places with rock art and only a…

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Stencil Art: A Revolutionary Meme

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This essay was originally written for Josh MacPhee's Stencil Pirates book. Parts of the text were used in the book's final run, but here it is in its entirety. Note: this is in no way a comprehensive history of stencil art. Hopefully it is the beginning of the artform's history.

"We need to learn how to spread the vision of liberation and life everywhere in humble, small, invisible ways. Like grass slowly growing up through the cracks in the concrete, perhaps our counterinformation can eventually sneak up on the mighty machine and topple it."
- PB Floyd, Slingshot, Summer 2003

"Street stencils are beautiful little booby-traps of information lying in wait, aesthetic gifts left behind as urban folk art, simultaneously revealing and concealing their purposes."
- Peter Walsh, Mapping Social and Cultural Space: the Ramifications of the Street Stencil(1)

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Book References

Submitted by russell on Fri, 08/06/2004 - 14:35

Hard copy books about stencils

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Existencilism; Banksy; Weapons of Mass Distraction, publisher, 2002.

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Stencil Graffiti; Tristan Manco; Thames and Hudson, publisher, 2002.

Stencil Pirates; Josh MacPhee; Soft Skull Press, publisher, 2004.

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