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Vandal Stencils Original Picasso (Video, TX, USA)

Police are investigating after a vandal defaced an original Pablo Picasso painting at a Texas museum last week and it happened to be captured on video by another museum-goer.

A grainy cellphone video on YouTube shows a man in a suit spray-painting a stencil of a bullfighter killing a bull on the 1929 Picasso painting "Woman in a Red Armchair" at Houston's Menil Collection museum. The man also wrote the Spanish word "Conquista" (meaning to conquer) before he fled.

Syria Freedom Graffiti Week (Video)

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Following examples set in other Arab Spring countries like Tunisia and Egypt, Syrian activists have taken to arming themselves with cans of spray paint and stencils to peacefully protest against embattled President Bashar al-Assad’s regime via a very public and artistic medium – graffiti.

Activists have called for “a week of graffiti for freedom” from April 14 – 21 not only in Syria, but across the Arab world. The campaign invites everyone, tagger or not, to pick up a can of spray paint and peacefully express their feelings in a public place. The project, which was launched on social networking websites by a Syrian activist living in exile and several of his peers still in the country, included an online tutorial and printable stencil models.

Create a stencil and paint it safely.

The Tour Funds the Murals (Video)

I have my local public art tour set up through a DIY tour site (set up a tour in your city) called They just moved offices a block away from CELLspace and the murals that I try to maintain and curate. Hard to maintain and curate with no budget, but I make it happen via profits form the tour and an amazing group of volunteer artists, builders, and neighbors.

I walked June from Vayable through CELLspace last week and gave her a tour. She made a short video of the visit.


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