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20 SEP Stencil Photo Uploads part 1

Thanks to: Eleni, s/stencils, Brooklyn Street Art (Jaime Rojo), and only_stencil_archive (IG)

>NEW< Kansuke Akaike (JP)

>NEW< Tref (NO)

From Bogota (just one)


Postcard stencils from Ha Ha

Albany Bulb in East Bay, Cal

RIP Anthony Huber in Miami

Indiana (just one)


Shepard Fairey (just one)

Stickman (just one)

Colombia Stencil Archive Updated

We rarely do archive overhauls these days. Since this is a volunteer-run site, there appears to never be enough time to tackle incorrect spellings, generic filenames, and other photo data changes. Over on the s/stencils subreddit, user stopme45 posted and located a protest stencils from Bogota, Colombia. While checking it out, we reviewed the Stencil Archive for Colombia and saw that the city's name had been misspelled. There were only 20 images in this archive, so it was easy to make corrections and changes and reupload all the images from backup files.

We doubt major overhauls will happen any time soon for other archives, especially large ones like Hamburg or Australia. Who knows?! Never say never....

Meanwhile, check out the photos from Colombia dating back to 2005. This post's featured photo is by San Francisco artist Mona Caron. She spreads her weeds seeds all across the globe.

23 AUG Stencil Pic Uploads

Thanks to: Chris C., Josiah, XSacto, r/stencils, r/streetart, and @only_stencil_archive
Music: XTC, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Ozric Tentacles
Photo: @1goodhombre for the win!


Two from protests in Portland, OR

One from Slovenia


In Media, Pete B.

A few in the Mission District

One on Valencia

One near the Bottom of the Hill

One on Market St.

fnnch goes surfin’

Peak Leo August Uploads

Thanks to: Josiah, @only_stencil_archive
Music: Dian, Phish, Euforquestra, Bombino
Photo: Steve McQueen mural on Fillmore St., SF by Luinova

>NEW< Roadsworth (Montreal)

>NEW< fiddlethief (SF)

In the Upper Haight, SF

On Fillmore St., SF

Just one on Valencia St., SF

Black Lives Matter on Mission St., SF

02 August Stencil Uploads

Thanks to: Aiden, Quinn, Arno and son, Brooklyn Street Art, and u/badwolf_tco
Music: Dinner and a Movie 17 (wined and dined in Hampton)
Photo: John Fekner cut outs from his "A Change" show (photos: Icy and Sot for Brooklyn Street Art)

Icy and Sot visit John Fekner’s “A Change” show in NYC, share with Brooklyn Street Art

Just one from Petaluma, CA

Just one in Lower Haight, SF

Just one in Western Addition, SF

Just one in Glen Park, SF

Just one from Almost Over Keep Smiling (NYC)

Just one in NYC

1970 Grateful Dead stencil in Wisconsin

Dark humor in Estonia

Just one from Portugal

Your Summer Sunday Uploads

Thanks to: r/stencils, r/streetart, @only_stencil_archive
Photo: Found after a nature bath at Bodega Bay

>NEW< Puerto Rico

>NEW< Sr.X (UK)

One from Ecto in Wash. state

Upper Haight, SF

One in the Financial District, SF

One from fnnch

More from X-Sacto

One in Northern California

Black Lives Matter in Oakland

One in Pittsburgh

Today's Uploads, 2004-2020

Submission thanks to: Skot, Tiago, Amanda, Russell S., Jaime and Brooklyn Street Art, r/stencils, r/streetart, @only_stencil_archive, r/gratefuldead
Today’s Music: Miles, Talking Heads, XTC, Scott Joplin
Photo: video screengrab of Banksy spraying a stencil in London

Banksy hits up a Tube train

>NEW< Almost Over Keep Smiling (NYC)

From the Vaults! Over 200 photos from Klutch’s Vinyl Killers 2 (Portland, OR 2004)

From the Vaults! A 2005 article about stencils.

Joe Iurato with some cut outs

Garage Pillars in PDX, by Voxx Romana

Portraits from Cartoonneros

Just one from San Francisco

Just one from John Fekner, with Leicht and Albert

Just one from Praxis in NYC

Just one from RNST

Two from New York

Two from Portland, OR

Just one from Utah

Just one from Montreal

New Uploads for a Better Monday

Thanks to: Esmeralda, Lynn Ray, Raven, Jonelle, Amanda, Jeremy Novy, and @only_stencil_archive
Supporting sound track: Tom Waits, Headhunters, Zappa
Photo: J Herran in the Castro District, from Paint the Void

Buenos Aires

>NEW< FR Arts (DE)

Xsacto strikes again

Clarion Alley’s AROC/Art Forces “Will to Live” mural

Jeremy Novy in the Castro

The Castro District

Haight and Divisadero Streets

One in Alamo Square

A few elsewhere in SF

One on Valencia St.

Stencil Uploads for a Sunny Sunday

Thanks to: Brooklyn Street Art - Jaime Rojo, r/stencils, r/streetart, @only_stencil_archive
Tunes by: Fare The Well Chicago marathon stream
Photo and art: Coexist (Justice, RIP George Floyd) mural by dragon76; photo by Jaime Rojo for Brooklyn Street Art

Divisadero St. and Lower Haight

One in the Western Addition


Jeremy Novy for Pride 2020


One from Banksy

One from Brussels

Defund the Police in Chicago

Defund the Police, and more, in NYC

28 June Stencil Photos Update

Thanks to: Josiah, Karen B., Rob C., r/stencils, r/streetart, @only_stencil_archive
Audio: SF Symphony’s MTT25 tribute stream
Photo and art: fnnch's Pride 2020 Bears at the LGBT Center SF

>NEW< akrylski (Ireland)

Just one from Norway

New works from CRISP

One from Xsacto

One from Ohio

Defund piece in Oregon

Pride 2020 wheatpastes from Jeremy Novy

Pride 2020 bears from fnnch

Hayes Valley, SF

On Haight Street

Black Lives Matter in Civic Center

Just one in SoMa, SF


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