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Stencil Nation Art Walk Wins 2013 Best Of

SF Weekly 2013 Best Of Issue

Best Way to see the Mission Before it's Annexed to Google - 2013
Scout for Street Art Walking Tour
Russell Howze describes his tour as a "three hour zigzag through the Mission District." For fans of street art, or anyone curious about the changing city, it's a zigzag worth taking. Howze has been chronicling the stencils, tags, murals and graffiti that decorate San Francisco for 15 years, and is the author of the street art tome Stencil Nation. His tour explores alleys that will be new to residents and tourists alike, and keeps an eye on the shifting cultural tides of the neighborhood. "Urban landscapes are always changing," Howze said, pointing out that while many of the tech workers moving into the Mission appreciate street art, they also bring security cameras and fences.

130 New Stencil Photos for the Stencil Archives

Thanks for the submissions: Esmeralda, Amanda, Raven, Xsacto, Eleni, and Brian

Music to upload to: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, St. Gorge's Canzona

Ha Ha in San Francisco

Banksy (just one)

1AM Releases a Graff Pic App

1AM Mobile is a free and community driven photography app that celebrates art in the streets by letting members capture and share what they see in the streets and also view and share what others members have contributed.  In essence, 1AM Mobile will tell you what’s up in the streets and let you take part in documenting street art history.

Not only does the app feature community contributed images of street art (with options to share, id tag, follow, and/or comment), but it also provides accurate directions to current and pre-existing pieces for an up close and personal experience.  With the constant emergence, evolution, and removal of street art, all images are time stamped which give a historical chronology to every uploaded piece.

A Super 2013 Upload

Over 100 photos for your Super Groundhog enjoyment...

music: WWOZ droppin' that New Orleans trad jazz for the Mardi Gras and Super Bowl fiesta

In Media: Simpsons again

Fans & Flesh: Boruchow

South Carolina

two from Sacto (tnx XSacto)

a batch fm East Bay, CA (tnx Uh Oh)

NEW :: Punk Love (VA)

one from Night Owl

ghalamDAR (Iran)

one from West Java (tnx Selo)


Just one from CAB

trying to keep up with Eclair

Just one from Eddie

Eclair at the Grace Alley Mural

Nice shot of Mike Shine's whole mural (thanks Larry)

Crappy photos of the Oddball Films bathroom (Scott Williams)

Cut out insanity from Todd Hanson

The Mission

Haight n Divis

Valencia St.

SoMa / Financial District / Union Square

just one in Clarion Alley

just one in Hayes Valley

just one in The Tenderloin (tnx Larry)

just one in the Sunset (tnx Devin)

just one in the Marina

Small Uploads to the Archive

Newest Photo Upload to the Stencil Archive

Funk and jazz tunes while uploading by KVRX (Austin, TX)… Who needs streaming dot com radio (with commercials) when there's good ole' college radio on the streams!!?


..NEW.. Ben Naz

Aiko (just one)



Blek (just one)


CK1 (in San Francisco!)

C215 (just one)


Jeremy Novy (just one)

…NEW… Mike Shine

Scott Williams

Tona (just one)


Berlin (thanks TXMX)

North California

Vancouver (thanks Marcella)

SF > Clarion Alley

…NEW… Grace Alley Mural

SF > Haight Street and Divisadero

SF > The Mission

SF > The Tenderloin

SF > Financial District

SF > The Castro (just one… from 1989!) and Hayes Valley

SF > Golden Gate Park

SF > Valencia St.

SF > Western Addition

Help Fund the Grace Alley Mural Project (San Francisco)

There are five participating artists (Eddie Colla · Finley Coyl · Amanda Lynn · Jeremy Novy · Eclair Acuda Bandersnatch) and the theme of the mural is to highlight San Francisco's sexual history and culture. Photos from the mural's progress so far are available at and any others may be shared on the site with appropriate source credit if desired (or I can resize according to guidelines and send along, if you'd like - let me know). The mural is located on at the entrance and on the side (Grace Alley) of the Center for Sex and Culture building at 1349 Mission Street.

We have recently launched a fundraiser on Offbeatr, looking to raise $2000 towards the completion of this mural - we're $1510 away from our goal at this time of writing:

---About the Grace Alley Mural Project---
Photo gallery:
The Center for Sex & Culture is in the process of conceptualizing and creating a public art project, the Grace Alley Mural Project, to be featured on the exterior of the Center for Sex & Culture building on the wall at Grace Alley.  We have a team of our very own notorious (and not-so-notorious) muralists prepared to collaborate on this Mural, a highlight of San Francisco’s sexual history and culture.  Our group of talented artists includes Eddie Colla, Finley Coyl, Amandalynn, Jeremy Novy and Éclair Acuda Bandersnatch.  Their work on Grace Alley will pay homage to our city’s past sexual renegades, founders, activists and healers.

The Mural will be situated amidst nightlife, non-profits, neighborhood residential and mixed commerce -- but it’s also a location in need of beautification to our Public Spaces.  It will emphasize the good work of non-profit organizations centered around sex, enhance the good work we are doing here and let the surrounding community know we are an organization that plans to stay and grow in this neighborhood.  The Mural will be a celebration of sex-positivity, knowledge and the work San Francisco has pioneered and achieved on behalf of sexual health, education and openness.

Stencil Archive: Technical Difficulties

Well now.

You may have noticed that the homepage navigation bar is at the bottom of the page. This usually means that content wasn't properly pasted into the Body field, thus messing with the code. After a bit of troubleshooting, the page didn't fix itself. 

There also appears to be a disconnect within the site to image links. Thumbnails in the Archives are broken, as are some of the links to the blog posts. 

Please stand by.... stencils are still available to browse. Just might be a bit more weirder than usual.

Stencil Archive Photo Uploads Pt. 2: L-Z

Whew... finally finished the L-Z portion of the latest uploads.... keep those submissions coming!

Thanks to all the people and artists who submit. Just a few: Monica, Bryn, Sirraum, Brad G., Kieren, Matilde, Karen

>NEW< Lay it on Thick (Chris Benfield and Russell Howze)

Michael Roman


Matthew Curran

>NEW< Night Owl (Oakland, CA)

>NEW< Rone (Melbourne)

>NEW< Ryan Moore (NZ)

San Francisco:

South Carolina (just one)


>NEW< Sebastien Reani (Wash., DC)

Tennessee (just one)

Todd Hanson

UK (just one)

Washington State

Xavi (just one)


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