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Newest Photo Upload to the Stencil Archive

Funk and jazz tunes while uploading by KVRX (Austin, TX)… Who needs streaming dot com radio (with commercials) when there's good ole' college radio on the streams!!?


..NEW.. Ben Naz

Aiko (just one)



Blek (just one)


CK1 (in San Francisco!)

C215 (just one)


Jeremy Novy (just one)

…NEW… Mike Shine

Scott Williams

Tona (just one)


Berlin (thanks TXMX)

North California

Vancouver (thanks Marcella)

SF > Clarion Alley

…NEW… Grace Alley Mural

SF > Haight Street and Divisadero

SF > The Mission

SF > The Tenderloin

SF > Financial District

SF > The Castro (just one… from 1989!) and Hayes Valley

SF > Golden Gate Park

SF > Valencia St.

SF > Western Addition

Help Fund the Grace Alley Mural Project (San Francisco)

There are five participating artists (Eddie Colla · Finley Coyl · Amanda Lynn · Jeremy Novy · Eclair Acuda Bandersnatch) and the theme of the mural is to highlight San Francisco's sexual history and culture. Photos from the mural's progress so far are available at and any others may be shared on the site with appropriate source credit if desired (or I can resize according to guidelines and send along, if you'd like - let me know). The mural is located on at the entrance and on the side (Grace Alley) of the Center for Sex and Culture building at 1349 Mission Street.

We have recently launched a fundraiser on Offbeatr, looking to raise $2000 towards the completion of this mural - we're $1510 away from our goal at this time of writing:

---About the Grace Alley Mural Project---
Photo gallery:
The Center for Sex & Culture is in the process of conceptualizing and creating a public art project, the Grace Alley Mural Project, to be featured on the exterior of the Center for Sex & Culture building on the wall at Grace Alley.  We have a team of our very own notorious (and not-so-notorious) muralists prepared to collaborate on this Mural, a highlight of San Francisco’s sexual history and culture.  Our group of talented artists includes Eddie Colla, Finley Coyl, Amandalynn, Jeremy Novy and Éclair Acuda Bandersnatch.  Their work on Grace Alley will pay homage to our city’s past sexual renegades, founders, activists and healers.

The Mural will be situated amidst nightlife, non-profits, neighborhood residential and mixed commerce -- but it’s also a location in need of beautification to our Public Spaces.  It will emphasize the good work of non-profit organizations centered around sex, enhance the good work we are doing here and let the surrounding community know we are an organization that plans to stay and grow in this neighborhood.  The Mural will be a celebration of sex-positivity, knowledge and the work San Francisco has pioneered and achieved on behalf of sexual health, education and openness.

Stencil Archive: Technical Difficulties

Well now.

You may have noticed that the homepage navigation bar is at the bottom of the page. This usually means that content wasn't properly pasted into the Body field, thus messing with the code. After a bit of troubleshooting, the page didn't fix itself. 

There also appears to be a disconnect within the site to image links. Thumbnails in the Archives are broken, as are some of the links to the blog posts. 

Please stand by.... stencils are still available to browse. Just might be a bit more weirder than usual.

Stencil Archive Photo Uploads Pt. 2: L-Z

Whew... finally finished the L-Z portion of the latest uploads.... keep those submissions coming!

Thanks to all the people and artists who submit. Just a few: Monica, Bryn, Sirraum, Brad G., Kieren, Matilde, Karen

>NEW< Lay it on Thick (Chris Benfield and Russell Howze)

Michael Roman


Matthew Curran

>NEW< Night Owl (Oakland, CA)

>NEW< Rone (Melbourne)

>NEW< Ryan Moore (NZ)

San Francisco:

South Carolina (just one)


>NEW< Sebastien Reani (Wash., DC)

Tennessee (just one)

Todd Hanson

UK (just one)

Washington State

Xavi (just one)

[u] Stencil Archive Photo Uploads: 18,000th Flick Arrives

Tip of the hat to Joe Boruchow for his weekly email cut out blasts. His stack of uploads took the Stencil Archive over the 18,000 mark.

This is Part I of the current batch of uploads. Finally! We've decided to do it alphabetically this round. So today is A-L. The rest of the uploads will come soon.

Thanks to all the people and artists who submit. Just a few: Monica, Bryn, Sirraum, Brad G., Kieren, Matilde, Chris

Adam F.


Argus (NO)



Boruchow (17,000th PHOTO ON STENCIL ARCHIVE!!)

Cali (East Bay)

Cali (Los Angeles)

Cali (North)

Canada (Vanouver)

April 1, 2002: Stencil Archive World Premiere

I just pulled up this old HappyFeet Communique email, dated April 2, 2002. Thought it would be fun to repost, especially since I haven't really celebrated this site's 10th Anniversary.

Prior to putting the photos on this web address, my blog hosted Photoshop-created albums of the early archives (some photos from that era, tiny postage stamps to save size, still exist on to this day). It got too big for the blog, so I moved it over here.

New SF Archive: Kate DeCiccio

I new stencil mural just went up along the Wiggle (a popular bike route) in San Francisco's Lower Haight neighborhood. The specific corner is Haight and Pierce. I bike by the mural often, so saw it in progress. Todd Hanson happened to meet the folks prior to my meeting them. After taking some in-progress photos, I caught Kate at the wall with another person. They were adding some of the last stencils to the bottom party running along Haight St. She said that the main portrait is of Kenya's Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai. All the other folks in the mural are locals from the Lower Haight neighborhood. And Kate says that she had help on the wall, especially the free spray parts.

I moved my first three photos over to a new Archive for Kate. I went ahead and added the nine new photos of the finished mural to the archive.

Romanowski and myself appear to be the only folks that stencil murals. Glad to see a new one in the mix!


oi, Stencil Archive v.Tours...

Over on Google+ and the FaceCrack, er Facebook, I will randomly post search strings via the Stencil Archive. I call them v.Tours (yeah, virtualTours) of the site. It gives people a way to see the breadth of the photos on here (almost 18,000 pics). Themes vary and usually have something to do with whatever comes up in my mind. Valentines in USA? Why not a v.Tour of heart stencils. I just read an article about birds. Why not a v.Tour of bird stencils? Uprising in Greece? Why not a v.Tour of anarchist "A" symbols? etc.

Some of you may not even know that you can search the Stencil Archive. There's a search function for each side of the site. You are currently reading this post on the Drupal side of the site. The Drupal "search" field will only get results from the posts on the index, and other Drupal pages.

Click the Archives link in the mast head and you will go to the Gallery side of the site (where the photos live). Once you get to the Archives, you will see a box that says "search the gallery" with a GO button. Search for random words in the filenames of all the photos (I am still trying to figure out how to search tag words) to see what's in the Archives. Links can easily be copied and shared for the searches, which is the basis of the v.Tours.

So.... in (dis)honor of E. II, here is a v.Tour of mostly illegal work from the streets of merry London (once the capital of a world-wide empire). Sure, there's Banksy in the mix. But there are also other treats on the walls of London.... enjoy this current v.Tour and have fun creating your own "walks"!


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