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New Uploads: A-M

m-city with a cut-out (photo: Jaime Rojo/Brooklyn Street Art)

>NEW< Akore (thanks, Susi)

Amanda “Mando” Marie

>JUST ONE< 0907 in China (thanks, BSA)

Chase in LA

In Layers in DE

Eclair in SF

>NEW< erre in Colombia (thanks, BSA)

>JUST ONE< in Barcelona ES (thanks, Susi)

fnnch goes large in SF

>NEW< Headache in Thailand

>JUST ONE< from Italy

Cashy D censored in NOLA

m-city (thanks, BSA)

Let's take a walk in Oakland

Late last year, a person who had taken both of my San Francisco tours, started asking me about taking him on an Oakland tour. He remembered that I had mentioned wanting to figure out an East Bay walk and politely called me out on the idea. While working my nonprofit day job on Broadway at 19th Street for a few years, I spent many lunch hours walking around Chinatown, Uptown, and Downtown, snapping stencil photos, annoying Jet Martinez while he painted his huge mural, stopping by galleries, and enjoying the tagging and graffiti. I would talk about the walks with my coworkers, who started asking me when I'd figure out an Oakland tour. Now, Isaac wanted me to do a rough first run in the streets of Oakand.

I said yes, and promised to take Isaac and his son and son's friend on my first-ever intentionally shared Oakland street art walk. I did research, made a route, did more research, and in late December, we wandered over to Chinatown, through "Mural Lane", and up to Uptown. We packed the three hour walk with murals, graffiti, sunshine, and a beer at the end. Thanks, Isaac!

Once Hugh D'Andrade heard that I was finally giving an Oakland walk (right past his apartment), he helped me organize a second one in January. About 15 people showed up for that one. I made more notes, altered things a bit, researched more, and then we took the walk for a second run. My friend Eleni couldn't make this tour, so she organized a third one a few weeks later with about 10 people. So, more research and notes for me, with the final issue to work out being restrooms and an open cafe to meet up at the beginning (Peet's on Broadway failed in both of those accounts. Hello, Awaken Cafe).

After all the research, note taking, feedback processing, and tour tweaks, the tour is now open to the public. I know that Jack London Square just got a lot of freshly painted walls, but I haven't been able to check it out. Having walked that part of Oakland for several years, it may be too much walking to add Jack London to the current route. But, things change! Who knows what will happen?!

Speaking of change... RIP to an entertaining BiP wall on Broadway, now covered by construction (photo by Jonathan Evans)

New Uploads: San Francisco and the USA

Thanks for your submissions: Josiah, Esmeralda, Ann, and the SFMOMA
<<< Calen Blake in NoPa/Western Addition

East Bay, CA

Los Angeles (just one)

Nevada City area (just one)

Washington, DC

Wisconsin (just one, thanks Ann)

>NEW< Robert Indiana (thanks SFMOMA)

::: the Latest from San Francisco :::


Kate DiCiccio (just one)

Michael Roman (RIP)

Sol (thanks Esmeralda)

the Financial District

Clarion Alley (just one)

The Mission (thanks Josiah)

The Tenderloin

The Western Addition

Valencia St. (thanks Josiah)

Lower Haight (just one)

North Beach (just one)

New Uploads: 5 Continents and 40,000 Years

Thanks to: Amanda, BSA, and HAO (RIP)

<<< Banksy in Brooklyn, NY.

South Africa (just one)
China, by 0907
(just one, thanks BSA)
Mexico (thanks BSA)
Argentina (just one, thanks Amanda)
>NEW< Omid Asadi (UK)
>NEW< yarps (FR)
Hao (RIP)
Banksy (in NYC!)
Portugal (just one, thanks BSA)
Spain (just one, by ancient neanderthals)

TXMX 2018 Submissions II

The artists edition of the TXMX 2018 uploads. Music by Hoopla, via the SF Public Library.
<<< Hamburg wheatpaste by Marshal Arts (TXMX photo)

>NEW< Rude

Holzweg (just one)
Liebsein (just one)
Marshal Arts
robi the dog (just one)
usp (just one)

TXMX 2018 Submissions

TXMX (his archive), Stencil Archive's longest and most prolific collaborator, has sent his annual stack of photos to add to the site. His general photos are easier to check for duplicates and upload. Here is the first part of his photos, from Hamburg and Spain. In the coming weeks the rest of TXMX's stack, attributed to Hamburg and other artists, will go up with other fresh updates.

Stay tuned, and deep thanks (as always) to Mr. TXMX!

RIP Lord Hao (France)

In the early years of Stencil Archive, Hao (Stencil Archive here and 2004 interview here) began submitting his stencils from the streets of Paris. He supported the project, and was also excited to be part of the 2009 Stencil Nation book project. I never got to meet him in person, but knew that he was inspired by DIY, ska, punk, Pacific Island culture, and the lowbrow Los Angeles art style.

What I remember most about Hao is his enthusiasm, encouragement, and anticapitalist belief that stencils are for the streets, free for everyone to enjoy. He kept a low online profile, didn't seek gallery exhibits or even notariety beyond the Paris streets. He also inspired others to get in on the stencil fun, which is how I only recently found out about his death around 2012/3.

Staying in touch with him was difficult. At one point, he friended me on Facebook, but used an alias. He sent me a PM telling me that it was Hao from France. Eventually I lost touch with him again.

Sadly, I will finally get to visit Paris this summer, but I will not get to meet Lord Hao. As soon at the tickets were booked, I searched online to try to figure out a way to find him, and I only found a few memorial posts about his passing.

So here is a belated farewell to an artist I admired, both for his talent and his kindness. Rest In Paint, Hao. You are missed!

Latest Uploads from San Francisco

Music support by Robert Zimmerman, via WREK.
<<< Ana Rossi mourns the Mission on Dia de los Muertos.

Clarion Alley

Financial District

The Mission

Western Addition

Haight Street

Valencia Street

SF Protest Sign (just one)

Up on Market Street (just one)


Sol Mission


17 Dec Stencil Uploads

Tunes while working, compliments of KPOO, WREK, and WFMU.
<<< Banksy always suggests reading the fine print while in Bethlehem!

Banksy (just one)

Btoy (just one, thanks BSA)

Rice (thanks BSA)

Stefan Winterle (only one)

>NEW< Stinkfish (CO, thanks Colab)

In Barcelona (thanks BSA)

Portugal (just one, thanks Colab)

UK (just one)

Brazil (thanks Amanda)

In Media (A Spike Lee Joint)

East Bay, in Oakland

Sticky Shaw in Baker, CA (just one)

Today's Uploads: Artist Exclusives

<<< A beaver on Beaver St., SF (by Sol Mission)

New photos for the Stencil Archive, uploaded between hacking/stripping sugar cane stalks and chewing out the sweet goodness!

>NEW< Papel Picado de Beatriz Vasquez (SF)

>NEW< Papel Picado de Adriana Garcia (SF)

>NEW< Praxis (NYC)

Peat Eyez in SF



Jeremy Novy (just one)

Sol Mission


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