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Amy Rice's Playing with Stencils book: order now!

Submitted by russell on Sat, 10/20/2012 - 11:07

Long time Stencil Archive friend and participant Amy Rice (see her Archive here) has a new book coming out. When I looked through my book "Stencil Nation" with people, Amy's unique stencil style would always stand out from the other sections. She also holds the honor of being my mom's favorite stencil artist!

Here's what her publisher is saying about the book:

Learn how to design and cut stencils from your own drawings or photographs with Playing with Stencils! You'll discover how a simple doodle or series of shapes can have great impact when made into a stencil. The projects…

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29 Aug: 10am Mural Premiere (SF, CA)

Submitted by russell on Tue, 08/28/2012 - 12:30

Please join me (Russell) and Chris Benfield at our new mural tomorrow morning from around 10am until noon. The indoor mural is located at 1150 Ocean Ave. (at Lee Ave.). You can take public transportation to get there: MUNI: 43, 49, KT ... BART: Balboa Park Station (walk up hill towards Phelan)

The 1,800 square foot mural includes around 100 hand cut stencils, and depicts a pre-European San Francisco peninsula full of animals, plants and insects. Beginning with an eastern scene over the San Francisco Bay, the mural stretches down the corridor, passing Twin Peaks, Lake Merced, oak groves, and the Sand Dunes and wildflowers of the mural's location, and into the Pacific.

Chris and Russell…

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CRASS: Existencil Press Update

Submitted by russell on Wed, 08/08/2012 - 11:26


Anyway, at last CRASS ART AND OTHER PRE POSTMODERNIST MONSTERS by GEE VAUCHER has been published and is now available. Calverts have done another great printing job, though it’s pretty weighty to post, (but then it’s not a lightweight book), but we hope you think it is worth ordering.



There are quite a few new books in the pipeline that we hope to have published by the end of the year.

First we are aiming to have a new book by autumn from

PENNY RIMBAUD - 3rd STREET BLOCKADE - Miles in the Corridor

A poem of wide, wise and confronting beauty inspired by a recent visit to NYC.


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14 March: Chris Stain Book Launch Exhibit (NY)

Submitted by russell on Tue, 03/13/2012 - 21:52

Chris Stain has a book coming out ths month from Drago Books. One of the earliest artists to discover and support Stencil Archive, Chris Stain has always personified the community-mindedness, radicalness, and kindness that the stencil scene tends to exhibit. While on tour with "Stencil Nation," a young artist in Baltimore recalled a childhood memory of Chris showing him how to use spraypaint... and then giving him some cans to take home and use. This small act changed this artist's life, and neatly shows what a great person Chris is.

Read the interview Stencil Archive had with Chris Stain back in 2002.

And if you live in New York, go to this great show (which will include long-time Stencil Archive collaborator Josh MacPhee).

Congrats Chris!

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Urban Soule update

Submitted by russell on Fri, 10/28/2011 - 13:07

URBAN SOULE Newsletter

Oct 2011

Issue No.10

Dear Friends,
As most of you I had a major Jaw Surgery […]
on October 4th,
The surgery was a success and I am healing well and feeling much better, I still
have another three weeks of having my mouth wired shut,many months of liquid/soft
food diet and a long road to recovery, but once all is healed I should be back to

wired shut […

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10 Nov: Blek Book Event at SFMOMA (SF, CA, USA)

Submitted by russell on Mon, 10/17/2011 - 13:26

(I wrote an essay for this book. Haven't seen it yet, but now is your chance buy a copy and meet one of the stencil OGs - Russell)

Blek le Rat, the 30 Year Anniversary Retrospective will be available at the San Francisco MoMA on November 10, 2011, from 6:30 to 8:30.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
151 Third Street (between Mission and Howard) in the Schwab Room
San Francisco, California

Join us and meet iconic Parisian stencil graffiti artist Blek le Rat as he signs copies of his new book!

"Blek le Rat's stencils distill the essence of the human struggle into poetically concise images. Blek shows clarity in his work, he makes every stylized mark count, yielding art that is at once personal and universal, economical in gesture, and bountiful in statement."

—Shepard Fairey

By RSVPing to this event you are reserving your $70.00 copy of the Blek le Rat 30 Year Anniversary Retrospective. Books can be picked up, signed and dedicated by the…

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Gee Vaucher / Exitstencil Press News

Submitted by russell on Thu, 09/22/2011 - 23:44


OK, this is the first mail out from Exitstencil Press and there’s much to tell, which is one of the reasons it has taken so long to say hello.

Firstly, we have very kindly been offered a gallery in London with which to officially launch Exitstencil Press  back into the land of the living again.
The’ UNDERGROUND GALLERY’ is exactly that and underneath Charing Cross Station, London.
This new gallery is the brainchild of a young photographer called Christine Santa Ana who, no doubt, has a lot of other good ideas up her sleeve for the future.
The launch of Exitstencil will take place on  21st NOVEMBER – 5th DECEMBER.
There will be a series of events starting with music from Tony Barber and Danny Drummond, otherwise known as THE NEAR FUTURE
Other events have yet to be confirmed and once they are, we’ll let you know all the times and dates.

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Essay Inside: Blek le Rat "30 Year Retrospective"

Submitted by russell on Thu, 08/25/2011 - 14:04

I have written an essay for this very special book.

Blek le Rat, the “godfather” of stencil graffiti commemorates 30 years creating art on the streets with the launch of new retrospective from Art Publishing, Ltd.

Xavier Prou a.k.a. Blek le Rat, the Parisian-born artist practicing stencil graffiti since the late 1970’s, will be celebrating his 30-year anniversary of creating art on the streets later this year with a highly anticipated book launch at Art Basel Miami Beach 2011 and gallery exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe. Blek le Rat is one of the most prolific stencil graffiti artists of his generation, applying his trademark rats and iconic imagery around the world since New Year’s Eve, 1981. His work…

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Adam5100 Exhibit Sneak Peak

Submitted by russell on Sun, 08/14/2011 - 23:58

A few photographs of Adam5100's latest work at the Guerrero Gallery.

From cut-out to spray-through to sewn-up!

New Archive for Rocky Villanueva

Submitted by russell on Thu, 06/16/2011 - 08:54

Thanks to, I know who painted these pigeons...

Rocky gets a new achive in the San Francisco Artists section of the collection.…