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Writing's on the wall for graffiti guerrilla

Writing's on the wall for graffiti guerrilla Notorious S.F. tagger hit with $20,000 fine

Cecilia M. Vega, Chronicle Staff Writer

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Carlos Romero left his spray-painted graffiti marks around San Francisco for years, tagging everything from fences and walls to street signs and trash cans with such monikers as CREAM and QUESO (which in Spanish means cheese).

And it wasn't just dairy products he had an affinity for. When police linked Romero to one tag name, city officials said, he would simply switch to another, and in addition to CREAM and QUESO he left a trail of COMA, LAFER and MELOH up and down his favorite thoroughfares, namely bustling Mission Street and Ocean Avenue.


SInce it is a collective work, and I invite everyone to act and to become a protagonist of my artistic work,I
will really appreciate if you will help me to spread my message, to promote the work through its internet site or through yours.
If asked, I will give you more informations or images about the project.
Thank you for all, Paolo Casalis, Architect and Artist

Press Ctrl Alt Del (Canc in Italy) to reboot the system.
This is a political street-sticker action made up of four stickers glued to the walls of the city.