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Tes One Updates

April 2005 Updates |

++ Merchandise update ++

Limited edition Podskinz featuring the art of Tes One are now available for your iPod courtesy of Macskinz. Each Podskinz is printed in a limited series of 100 per design.
Numbered 1 through 100 on the inside. For more information, visit

++ Projects ++

Leon Rainbow E-Newsletter

Leon Rainbow E-Newsletter

Hey What's the deal!
Great things are in the works! check out all the hot shows listed below! I Hope to see you at them all! especially next week... Pose 2 is having a Artist Gatheringon Wednesday, and the KENNEDY VS RAINBOW show on friday...Not 2 B Ms.d!!

Don't forget to take a peep at the blazin new skate decks in my online store at Thanks Leon
Renegade Art Project #6
West Chester, PA
Renegade Art Coalition

April 30- May 1
"Street 2K5 Festival"

Save Modern Rock in Philly


I am in the middle of a brewing protest and currently helping with this website to save modern rock in Philly. It's making news and even going to be an article in an upcoming RollingStone issue.

We need your help! Do you have any artists who can make up a few cool stencils for downloads from the site (we'll give you full props) for the purpose of
protest T-Shirts for an upcoming Rally in Philly?

Electron Microscopic Stencils

i'm working on an abstract for a science and art conference and i
thought i can share something with you expressed your interest in this

the attached image are photographs taken using a microscope. the image
on the left shows the very simple stencil i cut out using focused beam
of electrons in a thin film of plastic. the special thing about this
plastic is that no biological molecules (proteins for examples) and
cells do not like to stick to it. so i cut out the rectangle which

A World of Influences: March 17 - April 30, 2005

Urbis-Artium Gallery Announces Opening of

A World of Influences

March 17 - April 30, 2005

140 Second St., 6th Floor (above 111 Minna), 415-369-9404

San Francisco , CA Urbis-Artium Gallery is pleased to announce the first formal Bay Area show of work by Workhorse Collective, an international group of urban artists who embody the DIY approach of 80's punk rock with the self-promotional humility of Don King.