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5 Jun :: Jeremy Rourke Solo Show (SF)

Kaleidoscope Gallery (during MAPP)

3109 24th St. @ Folsom

this will be jeremy's first 'official' art opening at an amazing performance space in the mission. it will take place as part of MAPP (mission arts and perfromance project) -- so if you come down, plan to stay for the evening and wander around the neighborhood seeing other free music and art. there will also be live music at this event.... along with his original stencil art and refreshments. jeremy's been super productive this year with some amazing new work. check out some of it at his website -

Chris Stain: Brooklyn 7 Aug (Video)

This month's main event takes place at Ad Hoc Art Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn on Friday, August 7th from 7-10 pm.
Armsrock and I will be working from the theme “I Know There is Love” from the Crass song of the same title.
We will be showing new work and installing in the space in attempt to draw out some feelings of hope.
If you can’t make it opening night the show will be open during regular gallery hours from August 7th – September 6th 2009.
Ad Hoc Art Gallery
49 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Tel: 718.366.2466

Stencil Classes at 1AM Gallery, SF

Link to May Class (Classes also available in June and July).... for a fee.

  • The Stencil class will be taught by Roman at 1AM gallery monthly. This class begins with a briefing of logo development and representation through creative imagery. The class then jumps into action with Roman guiding you through the entire process from the creation of the stencil (from your chosen image which you provide) to applying the stencil image on multiple surfaces (including the designated exterior walls outside 1AM gallery). This is a very fun hands-on class with all materials for producing and applying the stencil provided (stencil material, X-acto knife, cutting board, aerosol paint for class use only). Students are encouraged to give renewed life to their vintage clothes, bags, and materials which they should bring to apply their stencil(s) on.
  • You can reach Roman at Roman[at sign]1amsf[dot]com for more information
  • All paint materials will be provided for use in the class only.
  • Please bring material to apply the stencil(s) on (Apparel, Sketchbook, Shoes, etc).
  • Ages 18+ only. All levels welcome.

CRASS Members in San Francisco

Gee Vaucher and Penny Rimbaud, collective members of CRASS and early stencil pioneers, will be in San Francisco this weekend. Their logo may be one of the most famous stencils from the 1970s punk scenes. Gee also recently told me that CRASS also altered billboards with stencils during the same period.

Scott Williams Receives SFAI's 2005 Adeline Kent Award

Scott Williams's Main Stencil Archive
Here is Scott's San Francisco Arts Institute's Adeline Kent Award Exhibit Stencil Archive

Scott Williams is an artist who has quietly made an indelible mark on the Bay Area landscape with his highly detailed, public stencil and spray-paint murals, paintings, and objects. Since the early 1980s, Williams's work has primarily taken the form of indoor and outdoor murals in gallery and non-art settings, but artist books, retail signage, nightclub bathroom walls, and art cars have all served as his media.

A California native and long-time San Francisco resident, Williams prolifically channels the spirits of psychedelic poster illustration, punk-rock show flyers, appropriation art, political activism, and contemporary street art that has strong and internationally influential roots in this city. His fruitful (not to mention maximal) merger of aesthetics and more than 20 years of devotion to his work make him a particularly fitting choice for the Adaline Kent Award, which honors notable artists of the Golden State.

His is a practice that unfolds in living, breathing West Coast locations. The Mission District flat where Williams lives and works is almost an installation work unto itself. The walls and furniture are covered with stenciled images of pop icons, gorillas, dictators, film stars, fish, art historical references, bicyclists, and a free-ranging selection of subjects. Atop the wall paintings are layers of discrete works on wood, paper, found furniture, black velvet paintings, and whatever else he can get his hands on.

Along with a hefty, but still modest, sampling of the many paintings and objects in his home and studio, this exhibition includes a number of Williams's Exacto cut stencils, essentially re-usable byproducts of his work that are remarkable objets in their own right. Intricate in a way that seems the antithesis of the gritty street context of the murals, the stencils provide a rare insight into the process of their making. The artist has described them as "stored energy"; whether recent or vintage, these works convey Williams's vibrant commitment to creating and sharing his vision.

Glen Helfand, Guest Curator for SFAI


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