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Stencil Archive Site Migration

According to the Stencil Archive admin, migration to Drupal will begin soon, after a bit of "foundation work." And, since this is an upgrade to a new server, "things may be broken for the next couple of days" as well, according to SA admin.

So, if you seen anything that is broken, please let me know by contacting submit[at]stencilarchive[dot]org

Hope to have this done soon, allowing for new possibilities here at

Let's hope that this is painless for all of us.

Giving Thanks for Stencil Photos

I'm giving thanks for friends and family this
year, as well as all of the people who stand up and fight for justice
and equality. Especially the Diné grandmothers of Black Mesa who
survive the oppression of their own Navajo government. And their
defiance against Peabody coal (and Big Coal in general).

7700 bites of vegan digi goodness:

In Europe
Finally an update for the Italy archive, all from Rome.

New Stencil Archive Uploads Pt. 3: San Francisco

All the archive names and directories have been updated. There have been many name changes and some consolidation (for example, there is now a "Random USA" Archive instead of "Eastern USA" and "Western USA"). If you have linked anything within the Stencil Archives, those links are effectively broken. A few updates to the Stencil Archives include geotagging, keyword tags, and social media sharing.

Here's Part 3 of all the latest uploads. The total uploads for the past few days is 275. Thanks to everyone who has submitted over the past month or so!

Next steps again: update Drupal, add site theme to Gallery archives, and enjoy.

Music compliments of KUSF in Exile (save college radio from greedy hands)



Day Camp >NEW<


Eddie Colla (just one)

Get Up (just one)


Clarion Alley (just one)

Haight Street

Other SF Locales

Sunset and Richmond Districts

Van Ness (just one)

The Castro (just one)

The Mission

Valencia St.

Western Addition


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