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9,025 Stencil Archive Uploads, Weblinks added

Pushing 10K pics! How about that? Just in time to start promoting Stencil Nation, which goes to press this week. How about that? Ah, April goodness. Tonight's uploads supported by classical Persian music (go Iran!), Secret Chiefs 3, and my roomies' nice offering of food just at the right moment.

Stencil Archive Anti-War Uploads Special

Happy Spring. Happy Monday.

Not so happy in other parts of the world. Sudan, Palestine, Tibet, Iraq are a few places that are currently home to oppression and suffering. Many stencils in today's upload reflect opinions about war.

Artists old and new sent fresh submissions:

Random USA uploads:

Many San Francisco uploads:

8900 Stencils and Growing! Thanks for dropping off your works.

Spring Forward with New Stencil Flix

Got a steady stream of submissions over the past few weeks... THANKS! From Hawaii to France to Australia, Stencil Nation represents....

Just hit 8800 with this batch. Yeee haw (sorry, listening to bluegrass on the net radio)....

Major San Francisco Archives Update

At long last, all the San Francisco backlog is now online. New archives have been created. The Strangers and Claire posed major issues for my current organizational skills, but I think I have weeded out most of the loose ends and duplicate photos. Since I photograph stencils at a higher resolution, I decided to make low resolution versions of all the files. This created quicker upload times, and allowed me to do all of this in one day.

Still have backlog for other archives, but nothing as out of control as my San Francisco pile was.

8600+ photos and counting, so start clicking!

I went through the SF archives and moved items around, deleted a few duplicates, etc. So if you're missing your favorite stencil pic, it may be somewhere else. Search for it if you can remember the filename.

Huge Tiny Stencil Archive Update

No matter how you look at it, this small update took Stencil Archive over the 8400 mark!

Waiting on a friend to go funk dancing, so thought I'd drop a nice Saturday bomb at ya......

  • Satire from Denver gets a new archive (and a medal for getting up inside a Starbucks)
  • Just put every last image I have for Scott Williams into his archive (including a complete Pattern Journal)
  • Still throwing up the difusor pics from Maya WorldofStencils

click click click!

Stencil Archive Feb. 19 Update

Just in time for a full lunar eclipse here in SF...... new pic treats for peeps on the moon:

8242 images and counting...........




You Can Now Find (de)Appropriation Project on Stencil Archive

I just went through the San Francisco Poster and Valencia St. archives and keyworded/renamed all the images I could find that show stencils from the (de)Appropriation Project's wall. A simple search in the Stencil Archives for "dap" or "deappropriation project" or "art wall" will give you over 50 images I have taken of the dap wall near 24th st. All future additions to this site will have these keywords as well.


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