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Rest In Paint - Russell Short - aka Klutch

Klutch in 2004
Snapped during a Vinyl Killers 2 side event, this is probably the only photo of Klutch on the Stencil Archive site. He's doing what he loved to do: create shit and have a good time in the process.

Just hearing the sad news via Instagram, that artist and all-around lovable gruff, Klutch, has passed on to larger walls and bluer skies. 

10/08/61 to 06/08/23 03:47am. Rest in Power. It is with the greatest sadness, relief, and honor that I share with the world that our friend Klutch has passed. He joined the energy that surrounds us incredibly peacefully this morning. Thank you to every single person who shared any part of their spirit with him. Every single interaction you all had with him kept him going and filled with wonderment over how incredible his community is. With love and gratitude on behalf of Klutch.

Though he had dropped his stencil work years ago, his attitude, opinions, and love for creativity and positivity remained an inspiration here at Stencil Archive. His punk smartness and sick style didn't hurt either. 

Back in 2004, after Klutch's Vinyl Killers 2 weekend and show, the Stencil Archive got to interview him for the site. We just updated the older post of that interview with minor corrections of typos and grammar. Here is the link to the interview, which also has links to the Stencil Archive Vinyl Killers 1 and 2 archives.

Here are a few quotes from that interview that are still funny and 100% Klutch:

  • Money can be a very empty reward when you aren’t doing what makes you happy.
  • Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke that shit. And a good mix tape will put you in the right mood.
  • I have mad love and respect for anyone who has been at it for a while and are still loving it and giving it their all. 
  • Now I guess I am Portland’s Graffiti Geezer, minus the silver circle.

Klutch's art, energy, and smile will be missed. We have been blessed to know him, laugh with him, and enjoy his creativity. Having had many recent health issues, his death wasn't too surprising, but it is still sad to know that there will be no more art from his mind and hands.