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E.L.K., Leckomio, Jef Aerosol, Soule, and many others in these two Art Basel events.

ART WHINO: MIAMI will be an innovative New Brow exhibition, complete with receptions and musical performances that will heighten the experience beyond the typical art show. Art from two separate traveling exhibitions, LIFE ESSENTIALS and OLD SKOOLIN’ will be brought together in Miami for the first time. This landmark multi-city, comprehensive exhibition will bring together the best of both traditionally trained and urban street art styles, helping to more define this era in contemporary art and set the bar even higher for the direction of art today. This combined show will highlight both music and art that spans the spectrum of current trends, and will be accompanied by installations and auxiliary exhibitions featuring live painting by several Art Whino artists.

Art Whino has also teamed up with Urbanite Bistro to host a special all day event Thursday, December 3rd in the outdoor garden space of Urbanite Bistro, featuring over 15 Art Whino artists painting live and musical performances. Artists will also showcase some of their newest works inside the restaurant for the entire of the month of December.

Outside of Urbanite Bistro, on several surrounding buildings, Primary Flight: The world’s largest site-specific street level mural installation will be taking place
throughout the week. For more information visit

Art Basel Miami Begins

Peat and Logan Hicks both sent me some updates from Miami. Other stencil artists are also in the mix:

OPENS THURSDAY NIGHT - 6pm - midnight
December 3rd through to January 15th.
Located in the Design District
137 NE 40th St, Miami Mia, Fla 33127

Expect to see heavily influenced graffiti style cartoon expressionism paintings and sculptures, alongside technically proficient stenciled art installations as well as various works of art made from clothespins, decade specific found objects, and holograms!



December 3 - 6, 2009
OPEN DAILY from 11am-7pm
The Moore Building/Miami Design District -
4040 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 103

Miami-based conceptual gallery AE District is proud to partner with Brooklyn-based galleries Eastern District and Ad Hoc to bring you over 40 artists ranging from all mediums and styles that best represent the aesthetics and vision of the Brooklyn art scene. This comprehensive showcase will not only emphasize the visionary works of today's biggest street artists such as The London Police, Lady Pink, Cycle, Poster Boy, Flying Fortress, Skewville, Thunder Cut, Depoe, and Peat Wollaeger.



in the mix: Logan Hicks, Shepard Fairey, C215, and many more

Peat : Install Show, LA, CA 13 Nov

PEAT in LA - Friday the 13th on Elm Street!!!
A special solo/group show curated by Dabs and Myla!

Featured Artists:
Greg Craolaâ Simkins | Luke Cheuh | Peat Wollaeger | Jersey Joe Rime | The Witnes | Persue | Logan Hicks | Paul Chatem | Sergio Hernandez | Cat Cult | Anne Faith Nicholls | Jacob Arden McClure | Honkey Kong | Peekaboo Monster | Daryll Peirce L Croskey | Asylm | Buff Monster | Evan McEneaney | Jorge Macswiney | Sara Antoinette | Jeremiah Garcia | Josh Hart | Phil Lumbang

Nov. 13th - 8-11pm.
New Puppy Gallery
2808 Elm Street,Unit 1
Los Angeles,CA 90065

Chic' n' Stencil : 5 Nov in Paris

November 5, -  December 5, 2009
Opening November 5 from 6 pm 

Far from the 80's, stencil art is now various. Chic that is so late 2000's distinguishes the artists featured in this exhibition. Elegant and glamorous like Zalez and Tian, delicacy in the Japan world of Stew, and the mystery of the Betty Baron's wheatpastings combine aesthetics with architectural lines of the Polish duo Monstfur and with the gentle poetry of based Vancouver Indigo.

Galerie Itinerrance
7 bis rue René Goscinny - Paris 13e
+ 33 (0)1 53 79 16 62
Opening hours Wed-Sat 2-7 pm  

C215 and Logan Hicks: 6 Nov

Show & Tell Gallery is proud to welcome world-renowned international stencil artists C215 (Paris) & Logan Hicks (NYC) to their first exhibition in Canada. The show titled “Parallel Universe” is a unique look at stencil art, a subculture of graffiti that can be traced back over 30 years. Through their medium of choice both artists aim to capture the essence of city life. Logan creates highly detailed renditions of cityscapes, focusing on architecture, alleyways, and scenes that might not be easily recognized as beautiful. C215 on the other hand aims to capture human emotions and feelings through the subjects he chooses to paint, with his focus mainly on homeless, anonymous, and people who are generally rejected by society. The juxtaposition of both artists style is really something special, while they are close friends and work in a common medium their artistic styles vary significantly. “Parallel Universe” marks the first joint show between the pair and will feature several collaborative works as well as pieces that are inspired by one another.

Vinyl Killers 7: 29 Oct


Where: the Goodfoot 
Vinyl Killers 7
Opens Last Thurs, Oct 29th from 5pm-2am
show will be up until Dec. 1st

over 75 artists
Vinyl Killers 7 opens on October 29th in Portland, Oregon at The Goodfoot. The Goodfoot is located at 2845 SE Stark St. and is open daily from 5 PM to 2:30 AM.
There will also be vinyl only selections from dj's monkeytek, ryan organ and samizdat during the opening 

The often imitated, never duplicated, OG vinyl art show, Vinyl Killers returns this October for another round of rescuing long forgotten records from the world’s landfills. This year there have been at least 6 other vinyl shows in North America alone and interest in the artform is at an all time high. After six annual shows and several touring exhibits Vinyl Killers remains committed to staying open call, independent, D-I-Y, and free of corporate sponsorship. 


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