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28 June Stencil Photos Update

Thanks to: Josiah, Karen B., Rob C., r/stencils, r/streetart, @only_stencil_archive
Audio: SF Symphony’s MTT25 tribute stream
Photo and art: fnnch's Pride 2020 Bears at the LGBT Center SF

>NEW< akrylski (Ireland)

Just one from Norway

New works from CRISP

One from Xsacto

One from Ohio

Defund piece in Oregon

Pride 2020 wheatpastes from Jeremy Novy

Pride 2020 bears from fnnch

Hayes Valley, SF

On Haight Street

Black Lives Matter in Civic Center

Just one in SoMa, SF

fnnch Announces Honey Bear Hunt

The Honey Bear Hunt map is now live at

I am also releasing a limited number of new Hunt Kits on my website — both a Pride Bear Hunt and Ally Bear Hunt.

How to Play

The goal of the hunt is to provide a safe way to get out of your house and enjoy art during COVID times. There’s no "winning" or "losing" — this is just for fun. If you feel so inclined, take photos of bears at tag them #HoneyBearHunt so I and others can see!

I cannot guarantee that you will find a bear at every pin — some folks put them in a back window, and I am sure some people will be spoilsports and put them up inside. But over 2000 people opted to have their location on the map, so hopefully if you cannot find one at a particular location, there will be another not too far away! 

New Summertime Uploads

Support by: Josiah, Joelle, Jaime Rojo and Brooklyn Street Art, r/stencils, r/streetart, r/gratefuldead, @only_stencil_archive
Music: Dedicated to Rob C. (happy almost 30th cake day!)
Photo: Goin

COVID-19 related and more, from Goin

>NEW< Fi2K (RU)

Just one in Germany

Just on in Italy

One COVID-19 related from Brazil

One from Headache

Black Lives Matter and LGBT rights in Wash., DC

One COVID-19 related in NYC

>NEW< Craig Tinsky (Wash., DC)

One by Praxis

One Grateful Dead one in Pittsburgh

fiddletheif up again in Hayes Valley

A bar logo on Polk Street

Just one on Valencia St.

Defund Police in the SF Streets

Just one from Eclair

SF Viral Video About Black Lives Matter Stencil Unpacked

She 'Rode That Bias Off a Cliff': Man Who Filmed SF Viral Video on Handling 'Karens'
Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez for KQED (Link to article)

Jaime Juanillo was not looking to 'out' a white woman for making racist remarks last Thursday. In other words, he wasn’t looking to catch a 'Karen.'

(That’s a term often used to describe white women, specifically, who call police to punish Black people and people of color generally while they're enjoying everyday activities — like barbecuing, running a lemonade stand or bird-watching.)

But when a woman named Lisa Alexander and her husband accused Juanillo of a crime for stenciling the words Black Lives Matter with chalk on the retaining wall outside his own home in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights, he was ready with his cellphone.

“Respectfully,” Alexander can be seen telling Juanillo in his video, “absolutely your [Black Lives Matter] signs and everything, that’s good, but this is not the way to do it. It’s private property.”

Yes it was: Juanillo’s property. But, he maintains, being a man of color, Alexander likely assumed he did not live in the expensive home they were standing in front of. She called the police.

Juanillo said in the predominantly wealthy, predominantly white Pacific Heights neighborhood, “It’s not unusual at all for me to get a look like, ‘Do you belong here?’” Juanillo, a Filipino man, has lived with his husband in Pacific Heights for 18 years where he runs a small dog walking business called Pack Heights.

The video interaction Juanillo recorded with Alexander has since gone viral, and been viewed more than 13 million times. The beauty subscription service Birchbox has cut ties with Alexander’s skincare company LAFACE, and she has since issued a public apology, saying "I should have minded my own business."