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New York City Graffiti Laws

No person shall write, paint or draw any inscription, figure or mark of any type on any public or private building or other structure or any other real or personal property owned, operated or maintained by a public benefit corporation, the city of New York or any agency or instrumentality thereof or by any person, firm, or corporation, or any personal property maintained on a city street or other city-owned property pursuant to a franchise, concession or revocable consent granted by the city, unless the express permission of the owner or operator of the property has been obtained.

Interview with Klutch

K: I was born in Oklahoma and raised by hippie parents. I lost my mom when I was 12. This really affected me, so losing her early in my life has made me focus on living in the moment. After she was gone my dad told me I could do anything I wanted, but that I was also responsible when I fucked up. He wouldn’t be there to bail me out. I still did some crazy shit growing up but knew it was all my ass if I got caught. This sense of urgency about not wasting a single day, self reliance, and a complete lack of respect for all authority figures has shaped my whole life.

Cut a Stencil out of Department Store Clothes Boxes

I was searching for card stock at home today and was having trouble finding anything sufficent. I was digging through my walk in closet and found clothes boxes.  Like the ones JCPennys wraps clothes in at Christmas time. Ha, so anyway I created some sick stencils just using that. If you unhinge the corners and flip em up they act as a cool "tray" and catches unwanted paint from transfering.... I don't know if that really helps but it's one of those items lying around the house that kids could easily access.