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Russell Way at Sheffer Gallery, Sydney, AU

The exhibition investigates the found object and the layered surface. Painted stencils of figures, textures, and materials are assembled from antique silks, plastics, cowhides, linens, and various canvases with layers and stains of paint.

Reworked often over many years, selected pieces are pushed through an extra generation with the introduction of digital printing.

Taggers spread gang image

Here's an article about gang graff from my temporary home town:

Des Moines, other cities wrestle with rise in graffiti reports, costly cleanups

October 24, 2006

The writing is on the wall: Des Moines police expect 2006 to be a record year for graffiti.

World of Stencils

Welcome to World of Stencils ! Good stencils make the life in a city much more interesting and also give the city a special touch. Most of the stencils are to be seen as a message - so watch out ! This weblog is a collection of stencils from all over the world. I am trying to snap a photo of them wherever I see one. I would like to dedicate this blog to the people doing the stencils because they are the real artists behind it.