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Visionary Stencil Art: StarWheels by AYA

On Christmas day preceding the New Year 1985, my present from Spirit was a vision: I felt "seeded" to create a line of paintings, in the specific format of "mandalas", that would be vibrational templates to facilitate the great transformations that human consciousness is currently exploring.

Starting with series II, the size of the original StarWheels is 6 ft by 6 ft. The medium used is airbrushed acrylic on canvas, through multi-layered stencils. Seven full series = 84 StarWheels have been currently completed.

Jef Aerosol Pochoirs


galerie L'ESCALIER
17 place de la Bascule 45100 Orléans
du 5 au 19 mars, les vendredis samedis et dimanches de 15 à 20h
vernissage samedi 4 mars à partir de 18h : venez nombreux

Leon Rainbow Call for Art, Shows

Call For Entries:

"Color Me Badd"
april 1st - may 6th, 2006
New Bruinswick, Trainstation
Leon Rainbow and Friends will be turning the New Bruinswick Trainstation into a Life Size Coloring Book. This interactive show will allow viewers to color in the images. If you are interested in contibuting black and white, line art style posters to this exhibit (up to 48" tall) contact

Mail posters to: Leon Rainbow 309 3rd St, Trenton, NJ, 08611

call for stencil art

Début Publications currently have an open call for entries for silhouette ansd stencil artwork. We have seen some of the work o this website and it fits in perfectly with the theme and content of artwork that we will be showcasing and so we would like to offer all stencil artists the opportunity to submit some of their artwork for inclusion. There is normally a small fee payable for submitting artists - this is to cover our administration - but as we are approaching you to include artwork we would waiver these fees.

Mini Graff Update

Almost six months have passed since our last Mini Graff update email - how time flies! Since then, I have completed several independent art projects, commmisions and workshops.

Below is a selection of some of these projects. More information about any of these projects, plus others, can be found on my website