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TXMX drops 100s of pics for the Stencil Archive

Special Uploads to the Stencil Archive
Straight from TXMX in Hamburg, DE!
need more TXMX? Here's his flickr stream:

TXMX has been a long-time member of Stencil Nation, submitting photos to the Archives since almost the beginning back in 2005. Of course he's picked up the blade and cut his own stencils. Hundreds of them, making it impossible to curate which ones I already have. When I get a message from TXMX that he's about to send me a zip file of his pics, I get excited. Then I roll my sleeves up and cull out the duplicates, rename, and upload.

Here you go for all to enjoi - Russell

uploading musika: Holy Modal Rounders ::: TOOL

>NEW< Bogey Clan

>NEW< jeto

>NEW< lopside foe

>NEW< marshal arts

>NEW< mimi the clown

>NEW< mittenimwald

>NEW< robi the dog

>NEW< run don't walk

>NEW< tomahawk

In the streets of Hamburg

Other German cities





Dr. Ocioso (just one)

Los Piratos (just one)






txmx himself!


About 100 new uploads to Stencil Archive

Photo distractions for a lazy Monday ::::: 19,300 photos in the Stencil Archive and counting!

Thanks for the submissions and leads. Special Hamburg-focused upload coming soon :::::

>NEW< Amanda Marie (CO)

Afghanistan (military stencil graff)

Canada (just one)

>NEW< ZeroSix

Ha-Ha (just one)

Northern California (happy birthday, David Solnit)

Colorado (just two, thanks Mark)

NYC (just one)

South Carolina

xsacto (just one)

>NEW< Choppy Oshiro

>NEW<  CJ Grossman


Eddie Colla (just one)

Kate DeCiccio (just one, thanks Raven)

Lay it on Thick (just one)

Michael Roman

Scott Williams

Haight and Divisadero Streets

The Mission

Clarion Alley

Richmond District (just one)

Western Addition

The Castro (just one)

SoMa and the FiDi

Other neighborhoods

Fresh Uploaded Images on the Stencil Archives: 19,200+ and Counting

Fall is here, so gather around the ole yuleTubes and peep some new stencil flicks.
Music during uploading proudly performed by: NoMeansNo and A Minor Forest

Banksy's Better Out than In: the NYC Collection

France (thanks Karen)

Arizona (just one)

Georgia, USA (an advertisement, but cool water stencils….)

Northern California (thanks Xsacto and Raven)

South Carolina (thanks Nikki)

>NEW< Iain Barnes (FL)

>NEW< CK1 (California)

>NEW< Icy and Sot (NYC)

Columbia, So. America (thanks Raven)

>NEW< Crisp (CO)


Eclair (as read in the SF Chronicle)

Scott Williams

Clarion Alley (happy 21st birthday)

Haight St. and Divisadero St.

The Mission

Valencia St.

Financial Dist. (just one)

Richmond Dist. (just one)

Western Addition (just one)

Other SF locations

130+ Stencil Photos Uploaded to the Stencil Archive

Over 130 stencil photos for this upload, featuring dozens from Burning Man 2013.
Other features from gallery exhibits by: Todd Hanson, Adam Fiebelman, and C215
Music provided commercial free by KVRX, WUOG, and WNCW streams…..

Nevada (Burning Man, Black Rock City, NV)

Australia (just one)


>NEW< Little Jack (GA)

Tiago in Portland

X-Sacto (just one)

California (just one)

North Cal (just one, thanks Xsacto)

Louisiana (just one, thanks Jeremy)

NYC (just one, thanks Kimilee)

South Carolina (Charleston)

Adam Fiebelman

CK1 (Iran > SF)


Kate DeCiccio (just one)

Todd Hanson's cut out madness

Clarion Alley

Haight Street

SoMa and the FiDi

the TL and Civic Center

The Castro and Hayes Valley (Pride Parade thrown in)

The Mission

Valencia St.

Western Addition (and Divis)

Elsewhere in SF (just one)


Copyright (two, in the UK)

Jairo Mora Sandoval (CR) Memorial Stencil

There is a stencil and graffiti tradition of memorializing people who have been senselessly killed, usually for unjust reasons. Jairo Mora Sandoval, a Costa Rican environmentalist, his likeness is pictured in the above photo, is now becoming an icon for those who hold the flora and fauna of the planet dear. Go here to read more about Sandoval's assassination.

Here are some other people, senselessly killed, who have lived on as stencil icons:

Oscar Grant, killed by BART police in Oakland, CA (while face down on the ground)

Brad Will, killed by police in Oaxaca, MX (while filming a protest)

Nour Zahra, killed while protesting the dictatorship in Syria

Gezi Resist: A special Turkey upload

The Stencil Archive presents a special upload for Turkey, which is seeing a massive swell of public street protests that are being violently answered by the government and police. Like most uprising hotspots, street art allows people to have a free, simple voice. Stencils have been part of art in the streets for years in Turkey (I feature a Turkish stencil in my 2008 book Stencil Nation), but I will scour the Internet and upload new ones when I find them.

Over 125 New Stencil Photos in the Archive

School is out and June is here. Time for more stencil uploads (18,900 and counting)

Thanks for the submissions: Julia, Paz, Esmeralda, Jeremy and ohters…..

Toons provided by KPOO (still keepin' it real in the Western Addition)

Ghalam DAR (Iran)

France (scans from 1980s post cards)


In Media (one from 1930s Berlin)


North California and East Bay

Los Angeles (1979 with Cesar Chavez)

New Orleans (just one)


Oregon (just one)

::: Meanwhile, in San Francisco....

>NEW< Dolce


Kate DiCiccio (new mural)

Todd Hanson (with Ana)

Xavi (just one)

China Basin (just one)

Chinatown (just one)

Clarion Alley

Haight St.

From 1998-2001 SF

The Mission

SoMa and the FiDi

May Day protest (with a Keystone XL protest thrown in)

Hayes Valley and the Castro

Western Addition and Divis

Valencia St. (just one)

Stencil Nation Art Walk Wins 2013 Best Of

SF Weekly 2013 Best Of Issue

Best Way to see the Mission Before it's Annexed to Google - 2013
Scout for Street Art Walking Tour
Russell Howze describes his tour as a "three hour zigzag through the Mission District." For fans of street art, or anyone curious about the changing city, it's a zigzag worth taking. Howze has been chronicling the stencils, tags, murals and graffiti that decorate San Francisco for 15 years, and is the author of the street art tome Stencil Nation. His tour explores alleys that will be new to residents and tourists alike, and keeps an eye on the shifting cultural tides of the neighborhood. "Urban landscapes are always changing," Howze said, pointing out that while many of the tech workers moving into the Mission appreciate street art, they also bring security cameras and fences.

130 New Stencil Photos for the Stencil Archives

Thanks for the submissions: Esmeralda, Amanda, Raven, Xsacto, Eleni, and Brian

Music to upload to: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, St. Gorge's Canzona

Ha Ha in San Francisco

Banksy (just one)


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