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fnnch Relaunches Honey Bear Hunt for 2021

Today I am relaunching the Honey Bear Hunt. The bears are better quality, and I am asking everyone to keep them up for at least 3 months and appear on the map. Hunt Kits are now available on store.fnnch.com, and more will be released every Wednesday.

What Is the Honey Bear Hunt?
The idea is for people to put Mask Bears in their windows so neighbors can walk around and spot them. This is a fun, safe activity for individuals, couples, and families.

I launched it last May, and it exceeded my wildest expectations — we have now shipped over 12,000 Hunt Kits to all 50 states and 5 continents!

As COVID rates have soared, much of the country has locked down again, restricting movement and closing galleries and museums. The Honey Bear Hunt brings art to you.

Better Bears
The original bears were printed on relatively cheap paper with relatively cheap ink. The new ones are made by a professional print shop and are much better quality. They should wrinkle and fade less in the sun.

If you buy a Hunt Kit, I am asking you to put it in your window for at least 3 months. It would be swell if you kept it up for the duration of the pandemic, but I want to make a reasonable ask. After 3 months I will reach out with a survey to see if you'd like to keep your bear up longer.

Wed. Uploads: EU (+UK) Special

Thanks to: TXMX, r/streetart, u/thk, u/TheNaughtyShaman, u/zmerkh, u/Everything4Everyone, u/eferka, u/Aroc2020, u/iptrucs
Spinning: Monk in Palo Alto
Photo: Marsal Arts keeps it surreal in Hamburg; photo: TXMX

Banksy (just one)

C215 (just one)

Marshal Arts (Hamburg)

Prague, CZ (just one)

Greece (just one)

COVID19 related in Ireland (just one)

Poland (just one)

Zuckerberg selling a fix in London

Hitting 25k Uploads, with TXMX in Hamburg

Hamburg, seen through the lense of TXMX, puts The Stencil Archive over the 25,000 upload mark.

Pop the cork! Slowly and steadily, while social media pulls the limelight, The Stencil Archive finally hit over 25,000 photo uploads today. The timing couldn't have been better, since TXMX just sent over his annual zip file of his stencil snaps. Due to COVID-19, his pics are all in Hamburg, which is indeed one of the all-time, still-running capitals of Stencil Nation. We are also giving a shout out to Brooklyn Street Art for one of the Hamburg submissions: a snarky elf wheatpaste by Lapiz attempting to "help" people shop correctly during these strange times.

This is only the beginning of the TXMX annual haul. Stay tuned for artist-focused uploads from the streets of Hamburg, along with pulls, submissions, and originals from your very own Stencil Archive - The Old School Home of Stencils and Street Art, Since 2002 ;)

New photo uploads, inching towards 25k

Thanks to: u/Jmflora11, u/nahmate45, u/Upbeat_Garbage6089, u/iptrucs, u/IronRickNick, Jaime Rojo with Brooklyn Street Art, @only_stencil_archive
Photo: Art by Praxis; Photo by Jaime Rojo for Brooklyn Street Art

Spinning the youtubes: Flippin’ Live with Flippin’ Through (Bill Morrison super special)

>NEW< Davide Maria (IT)


>NEW< Sarah Aller (IT)

>NEW< Sundra (FR)

Spain (just one)

Czech Republic (just one)

UK (just one)

Palestine (just one)

::: USA USA USA US…. etc etc :::

Faile (just one)

Praxis (just one)

Sacramento, CA (just one)


TN (just one)

fnnch in San Francisco (just one)