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The Stencil Photo Uploads Begin in Chile

Fun one in Valparaiso (ph by Amanda)


Here we go! So much to learn about the newest version of Stencil Archive, and we are taking it sloooow. To start off the New Era, we will spend some time in South America. Amanda in Argentina has been sending great photos from her travels, and she even checked out the new site before it went live. Thanks, as always! This morning, we will visit Chile and look at some fun walls. Enjoi!

Construction Demo Reveals Two 1930s Tags

1939 SF tag

Nearly century-old mural uncovered in S.F.’s Mission District

By Megan Fan Munce
Dec 06, 2023

Nate Halverson was up on his building’s roof taking in the sunrise last Wednesday when some early morning construction caught his eye. At a parking lot near the intersection of Valencia and Cesar Chavez streets, a worker in an excavator was taking down a vacant building to make way for new construction. Halverson watched as the debris peeled away, revealing behind it a 1930s Chevrolet dealership mural.

The mural itself isn’t dated, but a light bulb-shaped graffiti tag dated July 17, 1939, places the mural somewhere during or before the 1930s. Another tag, painted below the mural, is dated 1935.