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New Photos from the Americas

More rad art from Praxis in NYC (photo: Jaime Rojo for Brooklyn Street Art)

Thanks to: Jeremy Novy, @Emily_Lykos, Jaime Rojo for Brooklyn Street Art, @GraffitiRadical, u/IogicaI, u/NastyNava

Spinning: AC/DC; Jerry Garcia Band; Led Zeppelin; Bowie

>NEW< Hijack in NYC

Ancient hand stencils in Primal

A 2017 Burningman cut out

One in Sacramento

A few in Denver

One in Florida


Faile (just one)

A massive cut out from Logan Hicks


Voxx (just one)

Bogata (just one)


Toxicomano (just one)

Your Sunday Stencil Sampler

Frank Chu
misstencil officially gives Frank Chu pop icon status.

Thanks to: @Emily_Lykos, Jaime Rojo for Brooklyn Street Art, @RadicalGraffiti, u/Gudariak, u/w0f0z, u/shares_inDeleware, u/Pzy2209

Spinning: Duke and Coleman, 

Australia (just one)

Martha Cooper snaps one in Kinshasa

Colombia (just one)


Ireland (just one)



Nebraska (just one)


Around San Francisco

misstencil (just one)

Around the Castro

Turkey (North Kurdistan)