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A Nice Pile of Pics From Argentina

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A nice wall in Argentina (ph Amanda)

As we leave the Americas Archive, here are more of Amanda's photos from Argentina. 92% of all the countries and artists in the Americas now have updated archives. Mexico is the only one left, and we are still trying to figure out the most efficient way to update the larger-sized archives. Argentina will also get one last update once that is figured out. Meanwhile, we will continue to work around the fringes of the Stencil Archive where smaller amounts are easier to update. Stay tuned!

What?! PDFs on Stencil Archive!

Existencilism Cover

Why, yes, curious viewer(s), the New Era Stencil Archive now supports document files. This means, the small amount of pdfs collected over the years is ripe for the sharing.

What better way to inaugurate this opportunity than by making the first pdf on the site be Banksy's 2002 classic minibook "Exinstencilism". Don't remember where I found it, but do know it was in 2012. Flip through and be inspired!

Cartoonneros (AR) Freshie (Just One)

Messi, by Cartoonneros (ph Amanda)

This nice Messi stencil just came in from Amanda, and is the only new image in Cartoonneros's archive. However, one of his stencils was in the Argentina archive and was moved to the artist's archive. Then there were the filenames missing an "n" in the artist's name. We usually do not let you all know when these types of changes happen, but this is what we will be doing in 2024: every image and every folder will be gone over. Slowly, slowly.

Videos [Updated]


Continuing our update, we have also looked beyond the Archives to see what else needs revising. Turns out that our Videos stream had some broken links to research, possibly repair, or delete. There were over a dozen broken links to off-site videos and they are now gone. Several got fixed, and maybe you all noticed that we were adding new ones yesterday while trying to repair the rest. Click on through for stencils in motion!

The Stencil Photo Uploads Begin in Chile

Fun one in Valparaiso (ph by Amanda)


Here we go! So much to learn about the newest version of Stencil Archive, and we are taking it sloooow. To start off the New Era, we will spend some time in South America. Amanda in Argentina has been sending great photos from her travels, and she even checked out the new site before it went live. Thanks, as always! This morning, we will visit Chile and look at some fun walls. Enjoi!