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Short-term fix equals new images to upload

As I have recently mentioned, the demise of Adobe Flash had broken our ability to upload images to our outdated Archives photo album setup. 

While our sysadmin furiously works on creating a new, 2021-quality overhaul of the whole Archive...

...we have GOOD NEWS!

A temporary fix got installed to replace the broken Flash part, and a few early attempts to upload to the current gallery folders proved successful.

It is time once again to get some new images up on the site.

We are quite behind and have a goodly-sized stack to get through (not to mention a back up of other sources to pull from).

Can't wait to share our backup images, which go back to late June 2021.

Stencils in Media While We Remodel the Archives

You may have noticed that the Stencil Archive photo albums have not been updated in a while. This doesn't mean that we haven't been collecting images from around the world. This just means that the Archives are the older part of the website, and uploading images was based on Adobe Flash. Now that Flash is completely obsolete, our Archives are in the slow, very slow, process of being redesigned. They still work for viewers like you, but uploading new images is offline at the moment.

Finding an image on a movie, show, or in a comic, would go into the "Stencils in Media" Archive. Since our uploading capability is down, here is a fun one from today by Wayno and Piraro, the sharp creators of the Bizarro daily strip. As soon as we get the Archives going again, it'll be there too.

Carbon Neutral Tattoo

29 Jul: Logan Hicks Tunnel Vision mural unveiling

Tunnel Vision
The mural is set to be certified by Guinness World Records on July 29th, 2021.

"This started with a vision of going beyond making just a mural. I wanted to make an environment where people could forget they were in the middle of the city  - even if only for a minute."    ~ Logan Hicks

Taglialatella Galleries is honored to announce the official unveiling of Tunnel Vision by Logan Hicks - the largest stenciled mural in the world. 

Read the full press release.

In the middle of 2020, during the height of the pandemic in New York City, Logan Hicks was commissioned to creatively re-imagine a massive breezeway at the East River Plaza in Harlem. Nearly a year later, Hicks completes his largest work to date - a 19,000 sq. ft installation entitled “Tunnel Vision”. This work consists of a continuous stenciled mural that wraps the inside the towering breezeway, paired with a custom designed sound installation. The mural is set to be certified by Guinness World Records on July 29th, 2021.

Behold layers of stenciled aerosol transforming gray concrete into lush greenery, climbing up each of the thirty-foot walls and pillars, meeting at the ceiling painted in a vibrant, sky-blue gradient. Looking closely, tucked in the green thicket covering the walls are dozens of stenciled birds that live within New York State, while the four-hour looping soundtrack brings them to life - featuring the calls of every bird indigenous to New York.